Love at first sight

Imagine this. Lie in Saturday morning. I do what I usually do at any free time (at least lately)… browsing for clothes on line. Am mostly in the thank-you-am-just-looking mood, nothing specific, more just looking what's the situation with shoes (I made a decision to improve my shoe situation). And then it happens… Pink.Leather.Brogues. Nothing fancy but just so perfect. Just on the right side of fun and serious for me. Works with everything I have (and it works because I said so). They are smart and funny at the same time. They make me giggly right away. I instantly imagine our new happy life together. It's love at first sight… and THIS is how I imagine love should happen. If it can happen with shoes, why couldn't it with men? I know what you are going to say, but still, wouldn't it be nice if it happened like with my new pink brogues.