If you build it, it will come

There is, as it turns out, two posts in this.
I have just realized that I have never doubted the outcome of my pursuits. I decided for a fashion illustration career, and even though everything is moving very slowly and it is a tough field to get into and even harder to stay in, I realize now I have never doubted that I will get where I want to be eventually. How do I know this? Because for the first time, a tiny thought of what if I don't make it has managed to enter my consciousness. It is only when you have doubt, I guess, that you can see you have faith.  I am not, though, going to entertain this thought yet, as it seems like playing with fire. Specially at trying times as this is. The other reason is that deep down I believe that if you try and never give up, there is no option you are going to fail in anything. Maybe it doesn't happen in a time you scheduled or society has set as desirable, or even in a way you imagined it should or can happen, but it will happen.