The nile is a river in Egypt

It is time to come out of denial and admit the truth. Primarily to myself and then I guess to everyone else.
I was talking to a friend the other day and came to a realisation... or rather admitted to myself that I have lost passion for this blog. I know, I know it has been obvious or a while, but this has been a hard truth to see for me, because this blog gave me so much: it gave me a creative outlet, it gave me, I can confidently say, new friends, it gave me wonderful illustration opportunities. I feel like... you know when you are in a long relationship with someone you adore and admire but are not in love with anymore. You still think they are a wonderful person but, if you are honest with yourself, you are not in it with all your heart. 
I had a situation like this before, and even though I knew it was a right decision to end it, I often wondered, is it a good idea to end a relationship just because you are not in love anymore. I have friends that are married or in long solid relationships, and they all say the same thing: Pfft, I've been in love with my husband the first year, year and a half. Apparently for long relationships there is an all other package of feelings and attitudes required to make it work. I am not good at this. I realise it is childish and naive, and even dangerous, expecting strength of passion to take me to my goals ( or be enough for a long lasting love). 
So I need to find a way or learn how to make things work. This is my goal for the year. In many ways I know I am somewhere half way: there is no point in turning back but It's a long and hard road in front of me. Here is a chance to learn how to persevere to the end.
P.S. Interesting fact: this post took 3 days to write and draw. In the process of procrastination I rearranged the kitchen, updated my iTunes library with some great new music, downloaded a few great movies (probably to prepare for procrastination of my next post, even though I think Wim Wanders is a great way to do it) and read every gossip magazine I got my hands on.