There is no such thing as inspired

Sorry for the disappearing act. What happened is that I fell for the "no point in drawing when I am not feeling it" trick, plus been busier than usual with work stuff, plus ________ (insert excuse here). You know the drill. But no point in dwelling on it so, so am moving on. But what I hate is that once I pick up the pen and actually start working things always happen. Reminds me of that Picasso quote:

"Inspiration will come, but it has to find you working"

In other news, nothing much. Very excited about Christmas. Thinking about New Years resolutions. One that is certain is; get a more exciting life to talk about on blog (reminder to self: People are not interested in you recapping Hart of Dixie!!!). It would be only fair.
Not sure how do you go about doing this, but I'll find out. I bet if I Google it something will turn up.