Danish girl

This past Tuesday, am on a tram coming back from work and I see this blonde girl on the other side of the street.
Now, after work am pretty beat, and am standing there with this 6 kg heavy computer tired and only two stops away from home and... and this is a big one.... I am still afraid to come up to people and ask them to take their picture. But, as am living in Zagreb where it's really rare to see an interesting color combo, I just had to go for it. So got of a tram, walked back half a stop, found the girl and asked her to take her picture. It turn out she is an architecture student from Denmark and is here on a study trip.
She was wearing this combo of a yellow scarf and a plaid shirt with a brown leather belt and I thought it worked really well together. Had to take some artistic liberties with the drawing as she was wearing a jacket, but am sure this is how it basically was.
Now the big question is, does anyone else thinks so?

Sunday antiques fair

So last Sunday after 24 straight hours of rain, I ventured outside at least for a bit...
Well, near where I live there is this antiques fair every Sunday. On this particular day it was half empty, but still better than being at home. So I buy myself a bagel (for lack of a better word, as everyone knows there is no bagels in Croatia) and sit for a coffee with cream (i know, go crazy!)
So am sitting there, reading papers, looking around and there is this old lady at her stand. And she is fierce; flaming red hair, red lipstick, pink eyeshadow, eighties leather jacket, golder rings, red nail polish... I mean, the works.
So... what do I do? Google How to ask a stranger to take their photo, muster up some courage, go up to her and here we are.

P.S. She has some really great stuff, like vintage white fur jacket for a little less than 100 euros. When you are around check it out, I reckon you'll recognize her.

Red ballerinas

I read somewhere the other day that, among other things, every women should have to have red ballerinas. Now, I hate when someone tells me I have to have something or HAVE to anything, but... I was thinking this would be pretty cool. I imagine a women who has them is just a little bit more... more fun, more sexy, more girly, just a bit more everything.
I know this is only my idea of her, but we're not gonna get into that philosophy now, right? :-)

Maggie and Zia

So the other day these two were hanging at my place, and I happened to catch a cute moment. Maggie had this great sixties hair- somwhere between Snooki and Brigitte Bardot, and a really cool printed scarf. Everything else was just low key nad biege... including the dog! No really... the dog is... lets just say unusualy quiet. Just sits there... Luckily Maggie makes it all up... That's the way I like it... HYPERACTIVE! ;-)
But no seriously... great scarf!

Hiding from myself