Danish girl

This past Tuesday, am on a tram coming back from work and I see this blonde girl on the other side of the street.
Now, after work am pretty beat, and am standing there with this 6 kg heavy computer tired and only two stops away from home and... and this is a big one.... I am still afraid to come up to people and ask them to take their picture. But, as am living in Zagreb where it's really rare to see an interesting color combo, I just had to go for it. So got of a tram, walked back half a stop, found the girl and asked her to take her picture. It turn out she is an architecture student from Denmark and is here on a study trip.
She was wearing this combo of a yellow scarf and a plaid shirt with a brown leather belt and I thought it worked really well together. Had to take some artistic liberties with the drawing as she was wearing a jacket, but am sure this is how it basically was.
Now the big question is, does anyone else thinks so?