Sunday antiques fair

So last Sunday after 24 straight hours of rain, I ventured outside at least for a bit...
Well, near where I live there is this antiques fair every Sunday. On this particular day it was half empty, but still better than being at home. So I buy myself a bagel (for lack of a better word, as everyone knows there is no bagels in Croatia) and sit for a coffee with cream (i know, go crazy!)
So am sitting there, reading papers, looking around and there is this old lady at her stand. And she is fierce; flaming red hair, red lipstick, pink eyeshadow, eighties leather jacket, golder rings, red nail polish... I mean, the works.
So... what do I do? Google How to ask a stranger to take their photo, muster up some courage, go up to her and here we are.

P.S. She has some really great stuff, like vintage white fur jacket for a little less than 100 euros. When you are around check it out, I reckon you'll recognize her.