Do the sexy

Remember that Horst photo from the thirties, Corset for Vogue. I had a major crush on corsets since I was a preteen. They seemed to be something so utterly feminine and sexually liberating, that I felt they belong to some other species. It acts like a highlighter pen for female shape. So not only do you have breasts, you have perfect full bosom. Not only do you have a waist, you have a tiny wasp like waist. This off course makes ones hips perfectly oblique to give you a feel and a look of a Minoan snake goddess (for those of you who don’t know, please google it... It doesn’t look good in my layout).
I had one in high school (Corset that is, not a Minoan snake goddess). My mother gave it to me (?!?!).  It was white and almost virginal, but a corset non the less. I used to hide it even from myself as I would blush at the tought of such sexual proactivity. But on one occasion of having no clean bra I discovered its powers over both me and him. From then on I used this excuse of “laundry day” whenever I wanted power in that relationship (though this wasn’t that often as I have a complicated relationship with power).
These days my fascination with them is mostly fashion related, as they went mainstream and you get them everywhere. Loved them at Dolce & Gabanna this year, all in white. Love them in all the fifties trends. Spring fashion trends were full of corset as outerwear and underwear. Good year to do sexy!