White winter hymnal

This is a post on cold. And fog. And rain. At 6 30 in the morning.
This is basically a rant.
First of all, just want to say I have a great job that gives me great comfort and freedom in work. But twice a week I catch a bus and get down to the company so I have to get up really early. This by itself is still not  a problem.
The problem is, that when I get up and go, it is brutally cold and during winter it is still dark outside. And the place I go to is enveloped in pretty much perpetual fog which doesn't lift before noon (on a warm day).
Days are getting shorter and autumn is in full swing (although every once in a while I will still notice, half surprised: - Oh look, the leaves have started to go yellow. Constantly behind!), so I know the above scenario is fast approaching. When the alarm goes off, first I try to think of a reason why I don't have to get up. By now I have a rule not to trust my brain in these situations, as a lot of crap starts to make sense. Then I get ready in a flash as the apartment got cold over night as well, and in about 7 minutes am out the door.
And than the cold starts to bite my cheeks and trying to get under my coat...
Everything about this mini trip is depressing. The children's hospital I pass and a crying kid at 7 in the morning. The Central bus station where I catch my bus, with its beggars and winos and invalid pigeons (seriously; 1 in 2 pigeons there is missing a leg, an eye or both!). The women who work at ticket sales. The bakery with exchange office in it (WTF?). Everything.
I figure I will just have to find something about this to make it cool. Suggestions are very welcome, as my depressed panic is getting the better of me.