Visible structure

Strange thing happened last night when I was drawing this girl.
I don't know how other people do it, but when am drawing on my computer the process is pretty similar to drawing on paper. Most of the times, first I do a rough sketch to get a feeling of proportions and shapes, erase it all and than make a real drawing.Of course there are those magical days when lines seem to just pour out of my hand without knowing and I think maybe something is gonna become of me. On computer I usually do this on a separate layer and then either just hide it or delete it before exporting.
But this time it seemed to look better with the structure visible (of course, correct me if I am wrong) and I decided to leave it. I thought about this long and hard, pressing the little eye in Photoshop over and over again...visible... invisible... no, visible... no no, invisible... i don't know... invisible... no no... and on and on like this for many more goes.
In the end I decided to go with visible. For an experiment if nothing else.
Now am gonna go all Sesame street on you, and leave you with a little moral of the story on polished life and the structure underneath; although rough and ugly on its own, it might be the thing that gives us depth. I know in this case it helps that it is pink, but still...