Is it allowed to be sad on a fashion blog?

I am not entirely sure. On one hand I read plenty of them, and no one ever is... But on the other hand, I didn't hear about it being a big NO. So here it is.
It all started yesterday afternoon while coming back from work. I saw a granny begging and, above everything else, she seemed sad... After that, all I could see around me were examples of decay and growth next to each other in even the littlest of things. For dinner I had my drugs of choice: tomato soup, cheese, chocolate and wine (don't ask about the soup... I have a thing for soups). Watched Chelsea lately. All by the book, but nothing seemed to help. I was just sad. So I skipped posting as I didn't think this was proper.
But here I am today, still sad. I am sorry if this is killing someone's buzz, but unfortunately I cannot help it at the moment. Am thinking soon am either gonna repress it or find out what it is, and it will pass, and am gonna be back to posting cheerful drawings of pretty ladies.
Today, though, I am sad.