Summer in the city

There wasn't much of this last summer. For me at least. Somehow I managed to miss it. 
Sometimes in late August I realised its not June anymore. I was at the beach only twice (one being a quite a special experience on a nudist beach, of which you'll probably hear sometimes later) and the other with my dear Ana. That was great... Painting toenails on the beach... Trying to keep the Italians away... talking nonsense... reading Glamour magazine's silliest articles... just super light. Apart from that my summer was just your average summer in the city (remind me later to post another illustration of Maggie on this subject, its quite lovely). But there was one thing that was great: eating watermelons in the afternoon heat. I love watermelons and I ate them almost every day, but on some days everything would be just right and it would be juicy, sweet and cold, and the day would be hot and dry. And there was nothing better than to sit there in my undies eating watermelon, all sugary and refreshing.