Neon lips

Every single season it is excitedly reported that it is IN.
It is THE thing to wear."
It was eveeeerywhere on the runways" they say.
It is usually pared up with a similarly unwearable trend like extreme smokey eye, weird hair and/or blusher from cheeks to your temples.
This alone is not the problem: after all runway is not reality and it is not suppose to look like it. That's why we love it, right! But as reality proves every season, we just ain't gonna wear it!
I do like it... It gives any look instant edge! You can do everything from harajuku girls to future romantics. I love it most in, surprise surprise, its pink incarnation (I was never brave enough to wear it though, as I believe it requires a certain kind of lips: symmetrical, proportionate, maybe a little quirky. Mine, are not.).
But on the other hand, orange version completely baffles me. It's one of those things you can always find on discount even after sales season is gone: BECAUSE NO ONE BUYS IT! (It's usually there with brown lip gloss, and some other obscure shades that have missed it's season, poor babies).
So here is my little ode to neon lipstick, the eternal next big thing.