This is not for you, this is for me

Recently I read quite a good article on a lovely blog about lingerie and people wearing it and not wearing it an how lovely it is (though I doubt she had something like this in mind).
It is an interesting subject: can't say am where I would like to be in this area (I think it goes together with the shoes issue), but I do have to say I have a fair amount of pink things. Wink wink!
But what always surprises me is when I see who are those people who have a lingerie fetish: I've had a pleasure of witnessing a fair amount of otherwise repressed individuals having exquisite collection of sexibles and it had nothing to do with actually having sex. It was just about wearing pretty sexy things (hence the title) I love the idea of people wearing something like this under their everyday clothes in everyday, mundane, situations. Someone standing in front of you in the que...
I don't like overtly sexy people (although I strangely like, wait for it, Katie Price). I find this to be a sign of insecurity, in both man and women (though maybe not gay ones, they have different rules- straight people are more... straight), so when I see someone who is demure on the outside and wears something like this underneath, I find it so very cool.