Internet beauties

Lately, unfortunately, I haven't seen anything interesting around, but Internet has provided infinite source of beauty. Here is a few things I've done while either just looking at whats up around or fantasy shopping (mind you, since I've been kicked out of American Express this is mostly the case).
This is a drawing of Heidi Mount I've seen at Cafe mode blog (they have some of the best photos around). I loved loved loved this one. The color, the look in her eyes. Frankly I don't think I've done her justice in my drawing.

This one is a girl on Urban Outfitters site... Isn't she the cutest. My little sexy geek! I can just imagine her, she would be all in her head in everyday life but completely unhinged in bed...

And here I just loved loved loved the way she is a rock chick but with lots of pink blusher and pouty lips. I don't know who she is, but I saw her at WhoWhatWear.