Let's get physical

 So, don't think I've mentioned this but I have been on a bit of a fitness kick lately (hence my disappearing act on this blog: am a total ADD type sometimes, like I have enough focus in me for one thing only, and that's what's gonna get done. Am rolling eyes at MYSELF!). I have always liked being active, and doing things, but this is like, I log kilometers, the more it hurts in the gym the more I like it kinda stuff. To be honest it seems to me it has a lot to do with my recent 30th birthday. Unlike some of my friends, I have no issues with it, but I did suddenly get an urge to be fit like an active 15 year old. It has the element of fear of aging in the background.
Anyways, am totally into it and this is how I most enjoy spending my days now. I do want it to last but I also would like to learn how to incorporate 2 (or God forbid 3) things in my life successfully. I mean there must be a healthier way to focus than obsessing, right!?!?

P.S. Obviously, I am not imagining this to be my thighs, but give me 3 or 4 years and who know. Crazier things have happened!