Making a difference. Maybe.

What is your honest opinion of Dolce&Gabbana? I don't presume myself to be a big fashion expert or anything, but they have a truly good collection only once in a while. True they did give some game changing looks through the years, but I have a feeling a lot of their collections are just fillers. Off course you can't expect every collection to be groundbreaking (especially with the amount of styles fashion houses are required to put out these days (by the by, this is a hell they chose for themselves, as it is mostly race for money. But I guess once you are in the big leagues, you play their way or no way). Anyways, as I was saying, fillers…. Is this a filler or a game changer? I guess we'll see once the spring rolls out and we get to see the PR machine do it's work ( do I sound a bit cynical. Probably because I am.)
While looking at it I just kept thinking: "Where are my old Burda magazines, I am sure there is a pattern for this exact dress (!?!?!?!)".
Anyways, clothes is no big deal here. Styling was quite fun though.