Art(ist) that inspires me

Am gonna start with the easy one. Mostly because I have a drawing for it.
This is a challenge posted by my dear friend Diane aka Very Chic List.

One of my favourite artists ever is Egon Schiele. At that time I was drawing a lot. It was hot and humid time, as only London summers can get.
I discovered as there was an exhibition which included his works at the Welcome collection, on Euston road, where I would pass on my way to work.
His work was instantly hypnotising: it is twisted and heavy but strangely attractive.
Schiele was a marvellous and skilled artist: he left an enormous body of work, specially considering he died when he was only 28. Since the age of 16, when he decided to be a painter, he worked tirelessly like only egotist and narcissist can, to the day he died (Spanish influenza).
A lot of his work was, at a time, considered (and some would be even now) pornographic. He certainly wasn't shy of full frontal vagina (or penis for that matter. Specially his.).
What I love about his work is strong expressive lines, use of colour and above all, genius composition. He was completely liberated and owned every inch of paper. Now I don't want to hold an art history class here so am gonna stop, but do check him out when you can (and keep an open mind: I never said he wasn't bit on the perverse side).
My drawing you see here is just a little sketch that somehow survived all that time and space (specially when you know my love of travelling light). It's off course not even near his drawing genius but it is directly influenced by him.