Tell me what to do

As you might have noticed am a bit strapped for words lately. Nothing serious but a bit annoying.
So I thought the best way to deal with it would be a new series of challenge me posts. Yap.
There are two weeks left in May and I think 10 posts is a realistic expectation. So I'd like to ask you lovelies, both girls and boys, to challenge me by giving me "assignments". So if you have and idea please write it into comments and first 10 are going to be my posts for the rest of the month.
I loved how the February challenge went, it really pushed me out f my comfort zone of writing only about things I feel at the moment. I think I grow so so so much more in this way .
So knock yourself out, am all yours. :-)

p.s. Sorry for the uninspired drawing. It'll get better I promise.