Thank you

Well first of all. HELLOOOO!  I am so happy to see everyone.
I was away for a whole month and I miss you guys so much and I miss this blog.
Just to let you know, I wasn't completely useless all this time. I had two commissions, one of which you will hear about soon enough as it was simply heaven to do, I did a banner for a fellow blogger and made my new web site.
Then I was on holidays for a few days on Croatian island Vis, which was heaven. I'll write about it as well. I kinda have to as I've been very strict on Croatia so it's only fair to show the pretty part too.
But, about two weeks ago I developed this itch on my feet and it turns out I have an eczema. So now I would now like to say thank you to my eczema as it was very nice to me. It provided many things for me: I got to skip gym and my runs (which btw I very much enjoyed, but obviously needed something to come between us). I got to be nervous as much as I wanted as I couldn't sleep properly because of all the itching. It also gave me an excuse not to draw as it made me pretty miserable and we all know there is no point in drawing when you are miserable. It provided a great common ground for me and my mother as this is where she thrives: she likes to worry and this is how she shows love. This time it didn't irritate me but it actually made me feel safe. It also made me go to the doctor which I usually do only if bleeding heavily (small amounts don't count) which I was due for some time now for a check up. 
So my dear eczema thank you, you have been very kind to me. You can go now!

If btw, you are wondering if I am being ironic, I am not. I honestly feel there is a purpose to everything and I chose this for a reason. But to be honest am still not sure what it is! I hope I find out soon though as I miss my lovely healthy feet. I am going for some test tomorrow so… fingers crossed the health system treats me kindly!
See you real soon lovelies.