Commission(ed) heaven

Two good news today:
1.There will be no mention of eczema or any related subject
2. You get to see what I did for Veronika's new website.

I have to say this was absolutely a dream commission. Veronika gave me a direction and complete freedom in interpreting it. That way I haven't felt confined by someone else's vision (which inevitably happens, in bigger or smaller amounts, when you need to materialize someone's ideas) but I could still avoid anxiousness of imagining something completely new for someone (here I am always worried if I am in the same "feeling" as them, did I understand it right, will I get inspired enough etc.)
Well I have to tell you I did this one right. I mean I had brainstorming, I had sketches, I had versions of work, I had evolution of my vision, I went totally pro. And I loved every minute of it. And to think this could be life… I could totally do this for a living!
What you can see here is just two drawings, as it is a bit much to show the complete process in one post and a bit self indulgent to do over few posts... plus they are two big to scan on my mini scanner and I don't have a decent camera (I only have the final one cause Veronika made the pics). But I think you can get the idea.There are two final ones, you can see them both on Veronika's blog. Do let me know what do you think and if you like them.