Insignificant others

If there is hell I think it most definitely features bureaucracy in it's one of it's circles. Quite possible the last one.

I went to the dermatology ward at the hospital today to get tested so they can tell me what exactly is happening. What I got is that I have been shouted at by three different nurses for being so stupid as not to know the protocol, sent to three different rooms, seen by a doctor for about 27 second after which he told me "it's probably an allergic reaction" (glad he went to school for that!!!) and got sent to another room were they gave me an appointment for allergy tests in month and a half! 
I said:" But it itches and I can't sleep!". 
Nurse replied:"This is the skin disease ward. It itches everyone here." 
Which is probably true to be honest.
Frustration doesn't begin to describe what I felt.
The worst part is that nobody cares, they don't even want to think about it. I have two options now: either pay a lot of money and go private or try and find a "connection" at the hospital to get myself properly looked at. For those of you who don't know, this is the Croatian way of doing things. If you need something done you need to know someone in the company, be it a hospital, police, government… pretty much anywhere. It doesn't have to be high up, a janitor will do. And at the moment I have such resistance to this idea. It just seems completely ludicrous: I realise that those people see a lot of patients every day and not everyone can be given the maximum attention, but I mean you at least need to try. Or just be nice: like it's not enough I just get sent from one room to another, I have to be shouted at as well!?!

Phew... feel a bit better now though.

p.s. I hope this is it for the rant portion of the month! :-)