Busy bee

I have been insanely busy for the last 5 days. And I promise am not overreacting or just  finding an excuse not to draw more. And surprise surprise, am not even complaining. Wink wink!
I have been doing some great stuff. At work we are in the middle of redesign of a product, so there is a lot of team work, lot of ideas are thrown around and it's all around fun (though I have used an expression "Adobe Monkey" once or twice) . So I've been working on that over the weekend too. Also I've been working on two drawings for a magazine pitch, and I should really finish them as soon as possible. If they don't pass I figure I'll just write posts around them as both are familiar subjects: dwindling sexual life in long term relationships and overspending. I figure I'll scratch something up for them, even though obviously I never had trouble with either. Wink wink!!!
This lovely you see up is from 2 months ago but she somehow dodged the bullet on being published. I love the dress and I have finally started to see it around the red carpet circuit. And on someone cool, just can't remember who. Girls these days having such diverse styles and all, wink wink!!