Apple breakdown

I think I haven't mentioned this but I got me a new computer about month and a half ago. Happy news, I know, until I tell you about the ensuing nervous breakdown I had this weekend.
So.. I got me a MacBook Pro, thinking to myself it's either worth the money or not, either way it's supposedly good and most important of all, oh so pretty (I had pretty much all Apple products at one point or another, except I pad which is (still) on my wish list). So I fork out some MAJOR money and go for it.
Flash forward month and a half later and it's battery died! You can imagine my frustration and disappointment. In the middle of redesign at work, with a deadline for the printers at no Monday and my "monster" of a computer works about as fast as a pocket calculator and only when it's plugged in.
Monday morning I call the official reseller in Croatia to get it fixed and they are not really interested. They tell me in robot voice: Ma'am, there is an official protocol we need to follow and maybe (and maybe not) I could get it back in about two weeks. Of course am livid (and shouting at this point): TWO WEEKS! I HAVE A JOB ( and not  to mention a blog)!!! AM NOT SOME 12 YEAR OLD WHO GOT IT CAUSE OF THE COOL FEATURES PHOTO BOOTH HAS!
Off course they didn't like me shouting at them but I didn't like them selling me a 3000 € computer for it to die after month and a half.
In the end I will take it to another company, as they were at least understanding to my problem. And mostly this is what I, as a costumer wanted, someone telling me they know it sucks this happened and that they will do their best to fix it as soon as possible. That's it.
Am off now, have to find someone who knows Steve Jobs to complain to him directly about the company that sells Apple in Croatia.
This is probably where 6 degrees of separation will come in handy, no!?!?