In which I crave some ugliness

"Life bends joy and pain, beauty and ugliness, in such a way that no one may isolate them."
-Jean Toomer

Do you ever go to Dress Code High Fashion ( former Boheme Noir)?
I love the posts on that blog: they are like fashion education**.
Well today I saw a post on Alexander McQueen's  S/S 2001 "Voss" collection there. It reminded me of the brutal beauty he was a genius at and how I miss a bit of "ugliness" in both my work and things I look at. I am a lover of beauty (bit on the obsessed side) but this can sometimes lead to overuse leading to a feeling similar to when you overdo sugar: all the loveliness starts to blend together in a kind of a pastel, sweet paste, that is more pain than pleasure upon consuming it.
So I got a craving for ugliness: am not sure how successful I was, but I loved that this girl at least isn't overly pretty. She has angular lines and shadows where they shouldn't be any, mouth that are a tad too big and a bow that is not even close to the cute bracket it usually comes from. So I like her.

** They remind me of high school  when I used to study subjects like History of fashion. We would learn about dresses in 16 th.century or designers like Elsa Schiaparelli, about runway shows that changed the way we look forever. This is very important, I feel, for anyone seriously interested in fashion, so one can get a bigger picture of the styles and how repetitive and at the same time original fashion is. Her blog is like a wonderful fashion archive where you can see next season styles and Chanel ads from 1989 until today. Where does she gets some of those pics I have no idea, but if you hadn't yet you should definitely check it.