New horizons

Am back from my holiday. Weeee! Have to say I feel really good.

I feel a bit uninspired to write, not for the lack of things going on, more cause I am not sure how to process the data and which ones I feel comfortable letting out. I actually feel I could let it all out which is a BIT suspicious. Like, maybe I should call my supervisor just to check, if-ya-know-what-I-mean.

Now about the drawing. Are you as confused as I am? Lately I started to make illustrations which I don't completely understand. Like my style and visual language have been growing somewhere behind my back and are just using me to materialise. As if they have been developing and know how to tell the story and have given up on checking with me what I think. Like they just had enough of my procrastination, over thinking and lack of time and are going above my head to express themselves.

And you know what… I salute them. Fuck me! I could apparently wait forever for everything to be "perfect" and "right". I say you go get em and feel free to leave me out. And knowing me I'll probably catch on once I realise I have no choice. Am just a bit slow, that's all.