Home is where the inspiration is?

Looks like spring in my head, right?.
Btw, didn't mentioned it but where I am it's still summer. Like between 25°C and 30°C! Longest summer in a long long time. Last time I had a summer this long was when I was in Australia for a big part of the winter so basically had 9 months of spring and summer. Those were the days!
And yes I probably am trying to console myself with this, as there is a fashion week month happening and am quite jealous.
It touches on an important subject for me. Does it make a difference that I live out of the loop?
On one hand I can do all my work online but on the other, I sometimes feel that my artistic development is a bit  hindered by this. Zagreb is not a small city, but not a big one either. In illustration terms I might as well be living in Madagascar.
For me neither Croatia nor Zagreb doesn't offer much (read: nothing) in this area…. I mean there isn't a decent paper shop here ( I am NOT kidding: it's not that you can't get it at all, but it definitely will not be easy and will be much more expensive than what you'd pay elsewhere).
Now, I know a few people who do illustration in Zagreb and are doing fine (though no one who does fashion), and I definitely don't want to use this as an excuse, but I just feel like maybe this is not the best environment for my growth. I am not very rebellious and can easily become inert so I thrive in an active surroundings.
Hm… this is what I've been pondering on. Only thing is that I don't want to be one foe those people who blame others for their problems. I can't seem to find that thin line… the one that tells me I am trying to eschew the problem by leaving or that I am just realising that not every place is good for everything.

Also… last post had a pretty big response. Seems a lot of you guys found themselves in this. It is a tricky one, specially as it really doesn't have an answer or a solution in the end. Only thing anyone can do, it seems, is just keep trying.