Money makes the world go around ?!?

Money is not what drives me. Me and money have a quirky kind of relationship where I play cool and go all " Who needs ya' " and money goes "Wasn't planning on sticking around anyway!" and I am all like " Fine!! ", and money is like " Whatever! " and around we go. But honestly although I do like money in that it gives me certain freedom to do what I want in life, I don't believe it should be a big factor in my decisions.
That said… I am feeling a little bummed out about money at the moment. Most of the world is either in deep shit or heading there, and Croatia is very much near the bottom of that pool. And on top of that I am developing a wonderful career which isn't cashing in just yet. And before anyone starts jumping in with don't worry it's going to happen, let me just say I know, but it is still getting me down. And it has a lot to do with living here: I earned almost the same amount of money in London and lived better. I am not even sure how (as most of you know the price of rent is London is ridiculous), but it's true. I could go out more, buy more clothes, eat better food (Only free range and organic, thank you!). At the moment I have a feeling I only work to be able to live here… and it's not much of a place to be to be honest. It s.u.c.k.s.! Off course I know that there are people who have it worse (heck I was one of them while unemployed) but still… it's just bumming me out, that's all.

p.s. Please don't judge the girl in the drawing. She is no shopaholic, it's just a drawing I made for something else and didn't use.