Change is in the air

As you might have already heard, I am looking for a new apartment. (just kidding about the already heard part).
About a month ago I decided to venture on my own: It is time for me to live alone.
Although I have been away from home for 15 years now (I left home to go to high school in another city), I always had some kind of roommate/flatmate/boyfriend arrangement. So in my campaign of growing up I decided to finally take this leap.
There are only two issues with this:
1. I loooooove my current apartment. It is beautiful, in a great place, has an amazing view, everything in it is new and lovely. I love my room, my big bright bathroom. I moved here right after London and after London apartment situation (you London guys know what am talking about)  it was heaven.
2. I hate moving. Seriously hate it. I moved so many times in that 15 years that it instantly induces anxiety in me (though now that anxiety I talked about the other day seems less mysterious. Oops..).

But this is all irrelevant in the end. I will just have to suck it up, produce some good energy and go and find a new place that is just as wonderful as this one AND in my price range. And I really need it to be wonderful. In London, London makes up for the suckinnes of the place. In New York, the city is so wonderful and alive it doesn't matter you basically live in a room size of a walk in closet (I was doing some research what would it take to live in NYC). Zagreb doesn't have that advantage. My apartment needs to make up for the suckiness of the whole damn country. So it needs to be seriously great.