Women without men

This is number six in the February Challenge and yes, I am aware it's March. It was posted by my dear friend Very Chic List (check out the blog, it's very cool plus has a really nice header!)
Now, I was putting off taking up on this challenge as I simply have no idea what in the God's name would I say about it. I don't want to go too deep as this is neither the time or the place. I don't want to be shallow about it either, because... what's the point then, I could have just said nothing.
I'll just touch on one little part of it I've thought about at one point. I wanted to realise what is it that defines me as a women. Am I defined as a women in comparison to a men, just like day is to night?
I know it is not by who I am attracted to? It definitely is not by the clothes I wear and like? Does my soul have sex? Do I need men? I completely accept and recognise my father's influence on my life, but apart form that what is the extent of male influence on my life? Is it just because I have an emotional connection or because they are male?
This is one of those issues where discussion is a very welcome form of thinking. I am particularly interested in what grown up women have to say about this.
I am sorry I don't have much more to offer on this subject. I have been trying for two days to write something coherent about this and it constantly seems to big to even start tackling (and my poor blog is getting lonely).
I hope the illustration makes it up a little.

P.S. I am doing a design for someone, so I have been hanging out at Chantal Thomass website, as you can tell from the illustration. :-)