London part 2

I have even less to say this time.
Here are the technical details; saved around £2500 (I honestly have no idea how), applied for an English course in London to get a student visa so I can work part time, gave my notice at work and left. Second day there I got a job in a coffee shop, where I worked the entire time I live there. My life in London was basically a lot of drawing and doing my course (later I switched to a web design course, so I can code a little... hehe just sayin') during the week and making coffees on the weekend.
One or two boyfriends, a lot of new friends and a rediscovered illustration gene was the score after two years. I decided to go back to Croatia to graduate, but mostly cause getting a proper visa would be such a hassle I didn't want to go through it (or god forbid go illegal). Also I got tired of student living, sharing a house with 7 people and living on a part time job money.
There are a lot of mixed feelings about London in me. I love it, but I am a little disenchanted by it. Still, it fits me more than any other place I tried.
For me London is smart, creative, open minded, arty, well read, beautiful, funny and big hearted (sounds suspiciously like my traits-new-boyfriend-need-to-have list), but also a social whore, drinks too much, an art snob and can be very self deprecating.

I don't know, now I miss it again...