Just your average self absorbed blogger

Some time ago a blogger friend of mine tells me she met a few other bloggers and was just stunned at how self absorbed they are.
This got me thinking and I reasoned that anyone who has a blog necessarily need to think that their opinion stands for something and is worth hearing (though, some people just hope this is so).
For one thing I sometimes have a feeling that if I say or write me or I ONE MORE TIME am gonna shoot myself. But I write the blog in first person so don't have much choice. On the other hand I have met some pretty great people through blogging and I don't find any of them to be self absorbed. Still I can't help to wonder, are we? Are we self absorbed, egotistical, attention seeking people? Maybe I just don't think so because I am the same and think that's the norm. Off course there are some individuals out there, who shall stay nameless, that are very obviously in it just so they have an excuse to take 78 pictures of the most minute details of their outfit and put it there in the biggest size possible... But your average fashion blogger, who is she/he? Why do we do this?
Do we just like the subject and like having a platform to discuss it? Or is it so individual you can't generalise at all?