Challenge me

Sometimes, I find something so beautiful, it hurts.

This morning, outside was this perfect sunny day and I was going through Paris Couture 2011 shows. Everything was so beautiful that I found I couldn't bare it. I still haven't gone through all of them. These is just one of the sketches I did of the Elie Saab collection, but I plan to do much much more... though when I think about it I become consumed with desire to kind of "have" it all at once and make it last for eternity at the same time. Rest of my life becomes just this nuisance that stands between me and perfection of couture, that I have to put up with... Bit intense, ha?

Imagine what's going to happen once I finally see couture shows for real, not just on the screen. I'll probably faint from excitement somewhere at the beginning and miss the whole thing. Completely realistic scenario.

But anyways, as I finished my animation finally, I have a new challenge for me. And it goes like this:

YOU are going to give me a theme for a post on my blog, which I will then illustrate and write about. In each post I will link to the person whose idea it was. This idea can be anything from a piece of fashion to a feeling or a situation in life.
You can write it in the comments and I will do the first 7 (I won't have enough time for more, as I 'll be travelling last week in February so that's only two weeks left). If you don't make it this month,no worries cause I'll do it again in March

I do this to get me out of my comfort zone in terms of the subjects I write about and illustrate. It is very exciting and I hope you guys like it too.