Challenge no. 2: How to take care of yourself?

OK.... the good news is that I am having a great week drawing wise and feel really creative and love the style am working in. Bad news is I don't quite have the illustration for today's subject of boundaries.
This theme was posted by Kate of Illustrate Kate, and I have to say this is THE HARD one. Not just for me, but in life.
I wasn't really sure what to write as this is such a huge area and so so different for everyone else. As any self respecting researcher I googled it. And thought and thought... and came to this conclusion.
Only person who needs to know and respect your boundaries is yourself. If you make sure this is the case, than everything else will be a breeze. Every time you find yourself in a situation where someone " threatens" you (figuratively speaking off course) you will know exactly what to do because there will be only one thing to do and you will never, for a second, doubt your instincts.

For all you younger ones out there, who maybe didn't have to deal with this yet, this is something that becomes an issue at one time or another, at which point you learn where your boundaries are and how to set them. If you don't master this skill, you'll basically flunk life. I am NOT kidding! It is one of the basic life skills needed for a successful and happy adult life.You can retake that exam any time you want, but the longer you put it off more mess will there be to deal with...

I went all Socrates on you there, ha...