London Calling

This is the 5th in the Challenge me series. Actually first half of it. Tomorrow I am going to London so I am gonna finish it when I come back Friday. Beautiful Meagan  from Travel Write Draw posted this lovely challenge.

When I was finishing uni, I started working as a graphic designer at daily newspaper, and saw all these people around me who came, just like me, to work there for a while (because everyone has dreams at some point) and there they were 10 or 15 years later, with kids mortgage, a car and a dog. I realised I am no different, and this could just as easily happen to me. So somehow (I honestly have no idea how ) I saved about 2000 pounds and off to London I went.My first day there was so surreal that it is a story in itself (please remind me to tell it once).
Now, you know I am not into describing events and day to day life. But what I can tell you for sure is that the giant ocean of energy that London is, cured me. Cured me of the small country disease. Of living too long in a very small and boring box. London allowed me to be myself... myself I forgot I was.

The drawing is not specially for this, just something I did last week ( I promise to make special ones next week) but I am so super busy this weekend.
I was finishing Milla's blog redesign. Please check it out and let me know what you think. If (by some chance) you don't know about it, it is one of my favourite blogs around for a while now (since I discovered this great reviews of magazines Milla writes every month. I love reading reviews, and these are VERY well written). Also I need to pack, and both my washing machine AND dryer decided to quit (it was like a murder suicide thing!!!)
See you Friday everyone & lots of kisses to all.