Post just to put an end to my misery

I swear, am actually past nervous break down. Don't even know how to describe it.
Better late than never I guess...
If you see something a bit off, it is not me it is the white wine I had last night while finishing (and the bloody encoder that keeps cutting frames randomly... I guess he does not approve!!!!! Almost like uni again).
If the whole thing sucks, it is me.

I honestly don't know what to tell you about this. First I procrastinated for a very long time. Then I couldn't crystallize the idea (one could argue I still haven't). Then f/*/'%$#"# Adobe Flash tried to kill me: I restarted everything about 8 times. My thoughts would literally get tangled in a knot from trying to figure out how, what, where and why (answer usually being because we at Adobe said so). And get this: I AM NOT a beginner at this. I have worked with this before, I even did some Actionsript, I can code in html and css without problem. But this, this...

Anyways... That's over and done now. I will make another one, but am thinking I should brush up on my Flash knowledge first. Also I really miss drawing and fashion and very dear blogs and bloggers. I haven't seen the Paris Couture shows yet, except some pics in couple of posts I managed to read (guess what I'll be doing with coffee in the morning).
So basically here is the animation, am back and I have a new challenge for me for February and you guys are involved.

Over and out.