She thinks she is all that

This is the first post from my February "Challenge me" series. This challenge was given by lovely Aggie of both Once Over Lightly and Elements magazine.

Aggie probably doesn't even know how hard this is for me. Maybe not hard, just out of character.
My feelings towards Croatia are, to say it lightly, mixed. I can't say I don't like my country but I do find some of her traits highly irritating. I am going to try and give you an idea of how I see Croatia...
Croatia is like a really pretty petite girl who, because of that beauty, feels entitled to things she wants just happening to her, and when they don't blames the screwed up world. She is also smart and reasonably talented but most of the time does nothing about it, she just waits. Still, she likes to talk about how talented and smart she is, telling stories over and over again, about those 3 or 4 times she actually did achieve something. Also she doesn't have much of a character, and can be easily talked into things (I learned this by helping an ex friend, of which more in a Friendship post, study for her History of Croatian Journalism exam. It was frustrating to read how we always fall for the same trick).
So you can see where my mixed feelings come from. She is family so I kinda love her by default, but I am not her biggest fan.

Fun facts on Croatia

Meag asked so I thought maybe other people want to know as well so here it is.

- Our national past time is drinking coffee. More to the south you go, more present it is. Fact that it is the middle of the working week is not and issue.
- People pride themselves in being able to cheat the system. Any way they can (one ex boyfriend who was from England said: " It's so cool how you don't have to pay for public transport in Croatia". Didn't have the heart to tell him you need to pay, we just don't.)
- The country is quite small, but most things happen in about 3 or 4 cities in the country. During summer most of the north goes south, leaving the capital empty ( this is less noticeable lately as a lot of tourists are coming in)
- Most people are quite cool, but off course you have those, how would I describe them... something like rednecks in the States. I tend to forgot about them, and then get surprised every time I encounter one
- Typical dish... There are few really. Down south they eat lot of fish, up north meat, usual really. Pizza. Pasta. Lots of cheese and pastries. Some cool cakes.
- Going out is exactly the same as everywhere else in the world. The same.
- What else... Fashion is boring as hell. This is cause people tend to uniform themselves; designers dress in one way, WAGs wannabe's one way... Down south it's even worse. There if one color is trendy, it is frowned upon to wear another. And stores just stock whats in. So if purple boots are in, you won't find brown ones to save your life