Is it over yet?

This is the 3rd of the Challenge me posts (asked by an up and coming young fashion journalist Jemma Louise of Floral Etiquette )and let me just start by saying that if it wasn't, I would have not covered this subject. Not even with a tweet. 
Every single year (in love or otherwise... more otherwise of late but that's beside the point) I catch my self walking through the city and thinking " What's with all the hearts and balloons today? Is there some kind of promotional thing happening around?!?..." and than remember that actually there is, the ultimate one, Valentine's day.
Now, before everyone says I lost my inner romantic to cynicism, I would like to say that I am romantic. I just don't believe in planned romance.
I had some wonderful romantic moments in my life and most of them were not planned... Or at least the romantic aspect of them wasn't planned.
It is always the things that our mortal souls have no way of foreseeing that are the most precious.
That said, Valentine's day can be cute. It can be cute in a teenage crush kinda way. In a way that it's cute that there is someone who has an obligation to obey the made up holiday because you are in their life. Cute in a way that you finally have an opportunity to wear that kitchy red underwear with furry trimming without looking like a loon. Or only hart shaped nipple tassels for that matter (What?!? Don't look at me like that. To each it's own). Or that it's reasonable to expect all your food to be heart shaped.
Wriing about it now, am thinking it's not that bad. But come Monday I may change my tune...