How to lose friends and alienate people

This is the last post from my February challenge (btw not saying this as an excuse but February went so fast, I have a feeling it was about week and a half long). This challenge was given by the lovely Petra, whom I missed a chance to meet while in London thanks to scarce free WiFi  access in London (what's up with that? Not cool!!!)
There is a reason I left this one for the end, and it's not because it's the cherry on top. The thing with friendship is that unless that part of your life is in order, you can hardly be considered to have a balanced life. You can have money, you can have men, you can have success, but without friends (much like with health) it just doesn't matter.
I try to remind myself of this lately. The problem is I can't focus on something for a long time, so I fake determination by having only one thing happening in my life. This way I make sure I spend the most possible time on that one thing I am going for. At the moment this is at the expense of my friendships.
I've lost 2 friends in the last year and a half (in my defence both were long time coming) and I don't seem to be affected by either. I just keep going, every time left with less friends and without the wisdom to go and find new ones.
On one hand, though it pains me to say this and think both are lovely women, these break ups needed to happen, each for their own reason.But on the other, it's my loss. Not that I think one should have many friends just for the sake of it, but that I think that to be happy you need to keep many sides of your personality fulfilled and not only get love but give it too. Those friendships I lost, even though in many aspects dysfunctional, still meant a lot to me and still made me happy a lot of the times. Though, when I think about it, this can be applied to any relationship in life and doesn't necessarily mean they should not end.
So once again I give you a post with an open ending.
One of these days, I promise, I'll have a moral of the story.