Just call me party central

This is how I feel today. Probably look even worse.
And yes, to answer your question, it is hangover! 
Mein gott, no more vodka gummy bears for me (don't ask. I thought they will be a hit. They were. With me!).
Oh yeah, how I got here... Well, since you asked, when I mentioned I was moving, Style on the Couch suggested, among other things, to throw a party to give thanks for the great time I had at this apartment. This really struck a chord with me, as it made a lot of sense, so I did.
I invited just a handful of people, made my favourite Algerian lamb mint balls, some pitta bread, hummus, wine, this supercoolfabulous cake (I swear, best thing ever, everybody said so, here is a link, you HAVE to try it) and the infamous vodka gummy bears. The evening was lovely, and I hope I did justice to my lovely apartment.
On that note, I found my new place. It is small but very very cute, I've been already looking at some cool Swedish space organising pieces of furniture and I have to tell you am very much looking forward to this. I feel like when I was 14 and left home for the first time. 

But for now, am off to cure my hangover. Green tea sounds really good...

P.S. Just wanted to say thank you everyone for such lovely and positive and supporting comments on my last post. You girls ROCK!