One crazy chick

No, am not still hangover. What I am doing, I swear, is working on a series of drawing from last fashion week and I promise to post them (or at least some of them) once they're done.
I'd like to do a kind of a succession of drawings from ideas and sketches to a finished thing and am guessing you guys would appreciate this too.
I am trying to find somewhere in my head, something to share with you but I got nothing. So I will tell you a story of the chicken from this morning. My desk mate at the office found it hilarious so if it's not good, he is blame.
So... when am walking up to the factory where my office is, there is a few farms around. It's quite a rural area but if you mention it to people there they get offended (?!). This morning am passing next to one of the farms and there are some chickens out (there was one cock as well. Just sayin'.)
As am coming towards them they start to panic and run around, as chickens do. Most of them go the opposite way than am going and menage to go around the fence into the garden. But one wasn't as savvy. Nooo. She started running in front of me, frantically trying to find a hole in the fence to go through to reach safety of the garden where all her friends are now (and looking as they don't even notice her losing battle with sanity). But there was no hole! And every time she realises there is no hole, she panics EVEN more. By the third failure to find a hole she is just flapping her wings and running as fast as her legs can take her, probably thinking to herself, this is it, this is the end of my days.
At this point am doubled over with laughter when I notice the builders on a house looking at me in wonder. Cause they don't see the chicken. They just see me standing there and laughing my ass off. And I can't stop cause this chicken is funny.
In the end she just reached the end of the fence, ran into the garden and went all cool all of a sudden. Like "Me panicking? Never!!!".
And that's the story of my morning.