Moving on

 I moved.
NOTE:  You can imagine me saying this entire post with a  grinning face.
For the life of me I don't understand why I didn't do it earlier. I mean I do; I lived in a great apartment, had a cool flatmate and there was always the money issue (this little adventure sent me way out of my bank imposed spending limits). But still, I don't get it... This is so so great. The apartment is cute though there are still issues: the shower curtain is too short so when I showered the whole square meter of my bathroom flooded. The gas is not working. I am lacking in storage space for my knick knacks  (I think I will need some drawers). Also I still didn't buy my work desk (it has to wait for my pay day). There is no internet (working on it).
But  it's still so perfect. Somehow, I feel more like myself. Does this make sense... does a shared space really make so much difference  on ones self? When I write it down the very obvious answer seems yes, but then again I never felt it before. It feels like there is more space to be me, even though the apartment is actually smaller then the one I used to live in. Like I can breathe more. I have this need for everything to be perfect and clean all the time (I would not say that was the case before, sorry M). Am thinking of the colours and where would I put the mirrors (at least two).
Am posting this at work so am off to be productive now, but will let you know how it goes. I have to tell you am real happy.