I am deconstructed

To be honest I can't concentrate on writing this post. I think I am lost somewhere in don't-go-there land. In a good way (I think...)
Here are some of my new puppies. They are a bit on the huge side so I had to scan them in pieces. But when I do this I can never put them together right again. Mostly because my scanner scans them in different colours and different sizes. Figures my scanner would do this. Even my electronic equipment can't focus!.
So I just left it like that. Without trying to make them perfect (go me!).
They are all from the next season Bottega Veneta collection... magnificent collection btw and a great concept behind it. At this point I have seen and drawn every piece dozens of times and they are so well constructed: both artistically and technically. Did it last weekend and it was a perfect day: I did 6 pieces and each one better than the other (to me I mean)...
Oh and I finally got internet in the apartment so it is now finally a home. Now only to get my humongous table and it'll be perfect. I want a desk so big I need to take a bus to the other side.
That's how frustrated I am with my lack of working space.
See you soon lovelies. Off to check your blogs now!