Prada wears the devil

There was an interview with Miuccia (in Vogue, I think) and I just loved how much she was her own. I envy her creative and artistic confidence, the feeling that whatever she is doing is worth doing (I constantly doubt myself. Big mistake!). This confidence lets her explore, taking her to some uncharted territories and inevitably to some great discoveries.
 I take fashion for what it is, not a lot of it is art, but Prada often comes near (there are some old Balenciaga pieces and some couture that I feel has the same artistic worth as Monet or Picasso). If by nothing than by concept.
Prada is an acquired taste. I like that. I like things that seem to be one way and than just turn out to be completely different, making them a somewhat of a delayed surprise (if there is such a thing). I like a straightforward twist, depth that is obvious right a way, beautiful that isn't pretty. I adore when fashion goes further without trying to be deep. And Prada is all that.
I don't think even Miuccia gets Prada. But than again that's the point of it.