Animation is in again

So, trauma of my January animation attempt has worn of and am giving it another go.
No worries am still working on the FW drawings (Bottega Veneta being my main focus) but am waiting for it all to be done to post the drawings. It's going to be one big ass post.
What you see here is a still from my animation. I just love it. Not in Kanye West I-am-awesome-and-not-ashamed-to-admit-it kind of way, but in a way that I just love to see some grown up elegant animation. Am probably just making it for myself. Then again, isn't this true for every artist: they just make things they would like to see/hear/wear/feel. Doesn't really metter as long as people enjoy it.
I gotta run now. I have some clogged energy: there was a bunch of things that were suppose to happen this week: internet was to be installed, a certain package was to arrive, some money was to come in, couch was to be thrown away to make room for my new work desk etc. But nothing was. None of it.
So here I am trying to track a package somewhere in Europe, sitting in a cafe and my kitchen table at home is just buried under my drawings, all the while waiting for a phone call. AND still I feel good! Imagine that. I guess that little weekend I invested in soul searching really payed off.
Well la-di-da... la-di-da (in the eternal words of Annie Hall).