Love is dangerous

Some strange things are happening. Maybe not strange but a bit unusual... or maybe strange. Who the f*** knows... certainly not me.
This is a scene from the new animation am working on this weekend: I can tell you it will involve a lot of slow motion. Not Braveheart amounts, but still quite a bit. Also not too sure about the dress... I want something dark but understated. Definitely something couture. Looking at this dress it stinks too much of prom (not that there is anything wrong with that!).
Hope I'll finish it till Monday, but I have to tell you I went paper shopping and got me some 100% cotton paper am very much into... I feel some kind of lust when I see it and touch it. Funny people us illustrators are, ha?
Anyways, lovelies, don't have much more to report. Am enjoying the best of mediterranean climate at the moment, sitting in a cafe garden, sipping macchiato and lemonade... my sister is gonna join me soon as she lives next door (probably sometimes in the next 3 hours: she is notorious for taking weeks to get ready) and we're gonna look for her new hairstyle. So yeah, one cool Saturday... Hope you're all enjoying yourself as well.
Bunch of kisses!
P.S. About the title: I saw it today written on some knickers hanging on a clothes line to dry. I thought it to be a strange thing to be written on knickers. Is it suppose to mean: Love is dangerous and that's why we are just having sex or be careful because if you can read this you are in danger? Or am over thinking cheap undies?(which is probably the most likely option).