Be my girl


What did artist want to say?
Beats me. Really.
This one was like an exercise in emotion. See, sometimes when I draw something I just want it to move a little, just a blink, a gaze, a pout or clothes moving. With this one I went a bit further but not sure if I should have. It might all be a little redundant.
Never mind though, if art is process this one was a hit. I enjoyed every single moment of it. Choosing the frames, directing, trying to find the right music (which is hard if you are not even sure what is it you want to say... nothing is right nor wrong), even the pain of exporting and rendering it about 4 times (resulting of course in some major quality loss... One of these days I HAVE to find someone to explain to me how to do it right).
Well hope you enjoy.

P.S. Have a great great week everyone!