Nothing beats a bit of soul searching

So after the last post, anxiety and food abuse continued. All would be fine while I worked but once I caught a minute of free time, my "friends" would be back to hang out (meaning I actually did do some drawing). After a while, though, I just felt silly.
How long is this gonna go on for, I would think? I tried to figure out what the effin was going on inside, but nothing. Nada. Zilch.
Then on Friday, I just had enough and decided to do some serious soul searching. Now, you know I am usually quite introspective, but that's mostly just messing about on upper levels, your every day stuff, part of my National Procrastination Campaign. Here, I realised, there are obviously issues I managed to bypass till now and it's about time to deal with them.
So Friday afternoon, I started using every trick in the book I heard of, read about, found on the internet or just invented to dig deeper. And I found stuff. Garbage mostly, but you know how it is, garbage needs to be taken out regularly. Unfortunately am not very keen on sharing what I discovered, though maybe at some point down the road. For know I would just like to say I am not anxious any more and have stopped eating my way through the day.
Only thing is four weeks of food addiction in full swing have left me with some serious muffin top and we all know I gain four pounds every time I hear the word diet. This means it's probably gonna take 2 months to come back to where I was before, which wasn't exactly Gwyneth Paltrow territory... but then again I don't think even Gwyneth herself is there, right? Who cares, am happy, sun is shining and the girl in this post is cute as a button.