Confident like a woman

Well first of all, great weekend. Sorry for not posting more during the past week but as you could see there was a lot on my plate. Also, I think that every process needs time, and for me it was all out lately not enough of stuff coming in and brewing in my head. Well two days off and am ready to rock again.
Anyways I was reading and looking at pics and talking to friends and am full of ideas, and one thing came to me which I wanted to bring up, as I think a lot of you could have an opinion on this.
Confidence. Specially how confident girls are, as this is such a rare and wonderful thing to have. Am not talking about confidence they talk about in magazines, or the one that's just used to cover up holes of ones self doubt. Am talking about the one you get after you go through a few things and you realize you are going to be fine no metter what. The one you have when you realize you are far from perfect, but still you're cool.
I find this to be such a tricky subject, as confidence among girls and women is not so well accepted as one would wish. Unfortunately I have no smart advice here, this post is more thinking than concluding. I even had trouble finding a right pose for the illustration as I couldn't decide how exactly confident looks like. No way I was gonna go with a big smile representing how everything is great in life once you get it (as it is very often illustrated) because it isn't and it won't be ( so we can both stop waiting for that to happen to solve our problems)... Some poses were openly masculine and although this would be a good social comment (as this is the kind of confidence usually considered the good one) I was thinking there must be something distinctly feminine and confident I could represent, without being overtly sexual (also a common way for girls to assert themselves) or on the other hand erasing the sexual idea completely (which I think is also wrong).
You tell me if I was right.