Some fetishes are cooler than others

I had a realization today as I was drawing these. I have a genuine fetish.
More precisely I have a blue high heel shoes fetish. Just give me a pair of any blue shoes and am gone... And I think I know which trauma kick started this.
So... one lovely summer day, years ago, me and my than boyfriend are strolling through the mall. Its June. Summer sales are in full swing. We pass a shop and I see them. Love at first sight. Blue kitten heel slingbacks. But as we are in a hurry we just keep going. 3 days later am still thinking about them. By now I already developed a full on fantasy life of our happy union. I saw all the lovely places am gonna wear them to and how happy two of us are gonna be. Finally boyfriend says - For fuck sake, just stop talking about the shoes and go buy them- takes my hand, his American Express and we go to buy them. In the shop I try them on, and oh my, they look quite perfect ( I have a high arch so kitten heels look quite lovely on my feet, not that am bragging) and am ecstatic. But, oh no, one is a little bigger: - Sorry miss, I say to the sales girl, you gave me one a size bigger. Impossible, says she, that's the last pair! You can imagine my horror. I was pondering a while if I could, maybe, walk around with one shoe bigger than the other... But I couldn't.
As we're leaving, am quite still unable to believe that our life together would never happen and all of a sudden tears just start rolling down my face. First and last time I cried over a pair of shoes.
And now I have a fetish. Life, ha!
P.S. These are Givechy warrior boot from a while ago, but perfect beyond belief!